Attogene Collaborative Projects

Attogene has collaborative projects within the Life Sciences industries. Please contact us if interested in future projects.

Attogene Services Devision performed the needed services for Charted Scientific on the Determination of a Brevetoxin Live-Cell Fluorescent Imaging Assay Using the SOFI Fluorescent Imaging System.


Attogene’s Services Division prepared, treated and stained all the samples used in this experiment for Charted Scientific at Attogene Coporation’s laboratory in Austin, Texas.  Attogene’s Services Division supplied cultured cells as well as the Brevetoxin used for treatment.


Attogene Services Devision performed the needed services for Pan American Veterinary Laboratories for collaborative projects on PAVL and VCR.


Pan American Veterinary Laboratories has provided Elisa based diagnostic services for over 20 years. With more than 500,000 tests performed for 4000 clients worldwide PAVL has the expertise and experience you need.


Ecalbio Co.; Ltd  specialize in developing reagents of immunassay  technology and biological systems with higher accuracy and reliability for results of the highest quality.