30nm Colloidal Gold 1 Liter


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Highly stable and uniform 30 nm gold nanoparticles can be supplied in a range from 1 OD to 100 OD. The quality and performance of a conjugate is critical to successful lateral flow test manufacturing. Our products are made in USA and produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that enable rapid turnaround times while ensuring batch to batch consistency and reliability.

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Specifications 1OD 30nm Gold (1L)


Number of particles/mL 1.3-2 x 1011
Gold Concentration (mg/mL) 4.2-4.7 x 10-2
Molar Concentration (moles/liter) 2.2-3.3 x 10-10
Particle Diameter 30 nm /-1.5

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