ALLin™ HiFi DNA Polymerase


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  • High-fidelity PCR up to 10 kb
  • Complex (GC rich) template or crude sample PCR
  • Fast PCR
  • Blunt cloning



  • 50 x higher fidelity than classic Taq
  • High sensitivity and yields under standard and fast cycling
  • Increased success in long (10 kb) or GC rich PCR
  • 5X ALLin™ Buffer contains optimal Mg2+ and dNTPs
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highQu ALLin™ HiFi DNA Polymerase is the outperforming high-fidelity enzyme derived from Pfu polymerase by introducing several point mutations. The robust engineered enzyme in combination with the optimized ALLin™ buffer provides higher fidelity (50X higher than Taq DNA Polymerase), better performance, increased success in demanding applications like amplification of complex or longer templates, crude samples and fast cycling.

ALLin™ HiFi DNA Polymerase produces blunt-ended products suitable for ligating into blunt vectors.

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