ALLin™ Taq DNA Polymerase


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  • Routine PCR up to 6 kb
  • PCR of GC rich templates
  • Colony PCR, Fast PCR, TA cloning



  • Higher yields under standard and fast cycling
  • Increased success in amplification of longer (6 kb) and GC rich templates
  • 5X ALLin™ PCR Buffer contains optimal Mg2+ and dNTP concentrations
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highQu ALLin™ Taq DNA Polymerase is the versatile engineered enzyme which in combination with the optimized ALLin™ buffer provides higher success rates in  demanding PCR applications like amplification of complex templates, crude sample PCR and fast cycling. ALLin™ Taq DNA Polymerase has the same PCR accuracy like Taq DNA Polymerase, 4.5 x 104 (a number of correct nucleotides incorporated before the first error). ALLin™ Taq DNA Polymerase produces A-tailed products suitable for ligating into TA cloning vectors. For the maximum convenience the ALLin™ Taq Mastermix, 2X is available.

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