Brevetoxin ELISA Kit


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Highly Sensitive, rapid, robust screening kit for Brevetoxin Algae Toxin


Brevetoxin: Competitive ELISA for the quantitative analysis of Brevetoxin in samples

Format: 96-well microtiter plate (12 test strips of 8 wells)

Standards: 0 ppb | 0.1  ppb | 0.25 ppb | 0.5 ppb | 1 ppb | 2.5 ppb

Incubation Time: 60 Minutes

Brevetoxins (PbTx) are a class of cyclic polyether compounds produced by certain algae such as Karenia brevis. K. brevis can produce Brevetoxins in large quantities during an algae bloom which then pose a major health threat and are important to monitor and mitigate.

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