ORA™ SEE qPCR Probe Mix, 2X


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  • qPCR assays based on specific probes:
  • TaqMan®, Molecular Beacons, Scorpions™ Probes
  • Gene expression analysis, quantification of:
  • gDNA, cDNA, viral DNA, low copy number genes



  • Universal – both standard and fast cycling, all probe qPCR assays
  • qPCR of GC or AT rich templates, single-plex & multiplexing
  • Rapid extension, early Ct
  • Inert blue dye for a better sample visibility and tracking
  • Bulk quantities & custom packaging available
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highQu qPCR mastermixes are based on the small molecular inhibitor technology Hot Start PCR allowing to achieve highest sensitivity and specificity under both standard and fast qPCR cycling conditions. They provide excellent results on both AT and GC rich templates, in multiplexing and guaranty rapid extension with early Ct values with minimum or no optimization.

ORA™ SEE qPCR mixes provide an additional advantage of a simplified tracking of the process, as they are colored with an inert blue dye to make samples much better visible during pipetting and handling.

Our mastermixes are supplied with PCR Water to guaranty the best performance. To suit the broad instrument range the ORA™ qPCR Probe Mastermixes are available in three versions – without ROX, with low or high ROX concentration.

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