SecurRIN™ Advanced RNase Inhibitor


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  • Prevention of RNA degradation during:
  • cDNA synthesis, RNA extraction & storage
  • in vitro transcription and translation
  • Monoclonal antibody preparation procedures


  • Efficient RNAse inhibition even at higher temperatures up to 60°C
  • RNA protection from hydrolysis by RNases A, B and C
  • Economical & stable for weeks at ambient temperature
  • Robust, works well at 5.5 to 9.0 pH, with 0.5 – 1 mM DTT
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SecurRIN™ Advanced RNase Inhibitor is a premium tool for RNA protection from degradation during enzymatic reactions, storage or extraction. It is an extraordinary stable and robust enzyme: it works at up to 60°C temperature, remains active after weeks of room temperature exposure and multiple freezing thawing cycles. It is active in different buffer conditions within a broad pH range of 5.5 to 9.0, and within 0.5 – 1 mM concentration of DTT.

SecurRIN™ Advanced RNase Inhibitor is a 50 kDa non-covalent inhibitor of RNase A, RNase B, and RNase C binding them in a 1 to 1 ratio. It is a recombinant protein derived from E. coli strain carrying human placenta RNase Inhibitor gene.

SecurRIN™ Advanced RNase Inhibitor does not inhibit RNAses H, 1, T1, T2 and S1 Nuclease. It influences neither the activity nor the performance of DNA polymerases and of Reverse Transcriptases. The enzyme is free from DNAses and RNAses.



  • Active in all common buffers used for RNA work
  • Acceptable pH range is 5.5 to 9.0
  • Stable at ambient high temperature of up to 60°C
  • Optimally performs at 0.5 – 1 mM DTT concentration
  • 1 – 2 units of the RNase Inhibitor are typically enough for 1 microliter of RNA reaction. Enzyme amount depends on RNAse contamination
  • 1µl of the enzyme is recommended for a standard cDNA synthesis reaction of 20 µl volume
  •  Binds and inhibits RNAse A, RNAse B and RNAse C at 1:1 ratio
  • Does not inhibit RNAse H, RNAse 1, RNAse T1, RNAse T2


Unit Definition

One unit is required to inhibit 5 ng of RNAse A by 50% (measuring the hydrolysis of cytidine 2′, 3′-cyclic monophosphate).

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