Shigella species


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Product features

  • • Exceptional value for money
  • • Rapid detection of all clinically relevant subtypes
  • • Positive copy number standard curve for quantification
  • • Highly specific detection profile
  • • High priming efficiency
  • • Broad dynamic detection range (>6 logs)
  • • Sensitive to < 100 copies of target
  • • Accurate controls to confirm findings
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The Primerdesign genesig Kit for Shigella species (Shigella_spp) genomes is designed for the in vitro quantification of Shigella_spp genomes. The kit is designed to have a broad detection profile. Specifically,  the primers represent 100% homology with over 95% of the NCBI database reference sequences available at the time of design.


The dynamics of genetic variation means that new sequence information may become available after the initial design. Primerdesign periodically reviews the detection profiles of our kits and when required releases new versions.


The target sequence is within the virulence plasmid pCP301 (VirA) which is carried by nearly all clinical isolates of shigella. This target has previously been shown to be a good genetic marker for Shigella in other real time PCR based studies (Hiroshi Fukushima 2003.) The primers and probe sequences in this kit have 100% homology with over 95% of reference sequences in the NCBI database based on a comprehensive bioinformatics analysis.