Streptavidin Colloidal Gold for Lateral Flow


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Highly stable and uniform Strepavadin 40 nm gold nanoparticles.  The quality and performance of a conjugate is critical to successful lateral flow test manufacturing.  Our products are produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that enable rapid turnaround times while ensuring batch to batch consistency and reliability.

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Gold Nanoparticle Biotin Conjugate

Our 40nm gold nanoparticle Streptavidin conjugate is manufactured using special conjugation technology. We have coated our high quality gold nanoparticles with a proprietary surface coat that covalently binds the biotin forming ultra stable conjugates. The resulting GOLD Streptavidin nanoparticles can irreversibly bind biotin, meaning that there is no desorption of the antibody from the gold particle, which is a common problem associated with gold conjugates when developed using passive adsorption techniques.

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40 nm 10 OD Colloidal Gold was featured in the Lateral Flow Immunoassay section of the paper.

High Sensitivity, Rapid Detection of Virus in High Traffic Environments.

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30nm Colloidal Gold for Lateral Flow


Specifications 1OD 30nm Gold (1L)

• Number of particles/mL 1.3-2 x 1011
• Gold Concentration (mg/mL) 4.2-4.7 x 10-2
• Molar Concentration (moles/liter) 2.2-3.3 x 10-10
• Particle Diameter 30 nm /-1.5

10nm Colloidal Gold for Lateral Flow


Specifications 1OD 10nm Gold (1L)

• Number of particles/mL 2.5- 8.6 x 1012
• Gold Concentration (mg/mL) 5.7- 6.0 x 10-2
• Molar Concentration (moles/liter) 0.4-1.4 x 10-8
• Particle Diameter 10 nm /- 1.5

40nm Colloidal Gold for Lateral Flow


Specifications 1OD 40nm Gold (1L)

Number of particles/mL 5.2-7.2 x 1010
Gold Concentration (mg/mL) 3.7-4.2 x 10-2
Molar Concentration (moles/liter) 8-12 x 10-11
Particle Diameter 40 nm /- 1.5