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DiscovRX nicotinic AchR


Cell Membrane Preparation containing nAchR

Tyrosinase Activity Assay Kit

  • Highly reproducibility
  • Highly Sensitive Assay to Screen for Tyrosinase Activity
  • Stable formulation of ready to use Reaction Facilitator (tyrosinase)

Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition Assay


The Acetylcholinesterase Assay Kit provides a convenient method for the detecting AChE activity and screening for inhibitors.

The kit uses DTNB to quantify the thiolcholine produced from the hydrolysis of acetylthiolcholine by AChE.

Tyrosinase Inhibitor Assay Kit


For rapid, sensitive and accurate screening of potential Tyrosinase inhibitors

Acetylcholinesterase Detection Kit




Assay Buffer


Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) Enzymatic Assay Kit



  • • 96 determinations
  • • Rapid and simple method
  • • Minimal sample prep
  • • Highly accurate and reproducible