Available Services:

  • Mammalian Cell Culture Services:
    • siRNA, miRNA, DNA and mRNA manipulation
    • In Cell ELISA, Immunostaining
    • Viral Transduction
    • Stable Cell Line Generation
    • Cloning, Viral Studies
    • Aging
    • Protein Expression
    • Compound Library Screens
  • Nucleic Acid Isolation and analysis (qRT-PCR)
  • Assay Development Services:
    • ELISA, Lateral Flow
    • Enzyme
    • PCR
    • LAMP
    • Electrochemical
    • Cell based assays and screens
  • Lateral Flow Assay DevelopmentCompanion Diagnostics & Research Test Kits

Environment Sampling and Testing:

  • Environmental Facility Decontamination
  • Phytoplankton sample collection and analysis:
    • Culture morphology
    • chlorophyll
    • phycoerythrin
    • phycocyanin
  • Algae Toxin quantification:
    • Microcystin
    • Nodularins
    • Brevetoxin
    • Clyindrospermopsin
    • Domoic Acid
    • Saxitoxin
  • Cyanotoxins Management Plan Consulting Services
  • COVID in wastewater, soil, surfaces, air and biological samples.

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Environmental Testing:

Our environmental testing including the analysis of water, wastewater, soil, air, chemical toxicity analysis, biological food, microbiological and industrial hygiene samples.

  • Algae Toxin Testing services using EPA Method 546
  • Formaldehyde Testing services using EPA Method 323 or similar.
  • Water toxicity analysis testing services – Inquire
  • Analysis of water
  • COVID Analysis in wastewater, soil, air and biological samples.

Assay Support Services:
We can help mitigate risks in assay development, manufacturing and product qualification by developing clearly defined methods and procedures which maximize bandwidth and control conditions. We will validate methods and procedures developed by in house research and development efforts to ensure usability. We work closely with our partners to develop assays for implementation into manufacturing processes, quality department workflows and general laboratory development.

We offer feasibility testing for preliminary research programs, performing product performance due diligence when deciding to purchase a company or license a technology. Unbiased third-party validation of product performance compared to competitor products. Our services can help ensure your Business is making thoughtful and robust investment decisions.

Contact us for details on our Services and a Chain of Custody Form: sales@attogene.com