“”I highly recommend Attogene to anyone looking for various types of test strips, ELISAs, PCR, nucleic acid and other types of biological and chemical assays.

John G. Bruno, Ph.D., Director of Biotechnology, Nanohmics Inc.
Austin, TX

“Attogene helped our company commercialize new technology for our sector. We are planning a phase two of this project in the upcoming months.  We recommend using Attogene.”

-Jeff P.
Houston, TX


Monkeypox Kit


The Primerdesign genesig Advanced Kit for Monkeypox is configured for use with any qPCR instrument equipped to detect amplification in the FAM and VIC/HEX channels.

*Available to order for research use only

Lead Lateral Flow Rapid Detection Kit


This fast screening test kit contains 10 tests with everything needed for accurate results of unsafe lead levels. 

Mercury Lateral Flow Test Kit


Attogene’s Mercury Lateral Flow Kit can be used for the screening of Mercury in water samples at 10 ppb.

  • Format: 10 test cassettes
  • Run Time: 5 Minutes

Samples requiring regulatory action should be confirmed by other conventional methods.

Microcystin Lateral Flow Kit


Highly Sensitive, rapid, robust screening kit for Algae Toxins Microcystins and Nodularins

About Attogene

Attogene is a biotechnology company located in Austin, Texas, here at Attogene we develop new and novel cutting-edge technologies for sensing compounds in a diverse set of sample types. Our focus is to enhance health and wellness of plants, animals and the environment by offering and developing customer focused Life Science Products domestically and internationally.

What we do:

  • Attogene develops new and novel cutting-edge technologies for sensing compounds in a diverse set of sample types.


  • Attogene developed and sells products that include assays for the detection of environmental compounds and novel methods for detecting human disease analytes.

  • Attogene has strategic services which help our customers with unique assay and application needs.  Our services include algae toxin environmental sampling and testing and broad array of assay and application support.


  • Attogene offers kits from partners: Primer Design (one of the first EUA FDA authorized COVID PCR diagnostic test kit), HighQu, and GenomeMe

Corporate Partners

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Primer Design Product Instrument


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IHC Validated Antibody