Biotin Quantification Kits


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Highly Sensitive, rapid, robust screening kit for Biotin

Useful for detecting and quantifying biotin in biological samples

Adaptable for detecting biotin in food samples


Biotin is extensively used in combination with streptavidin in biological assays.  Our biotin detection kits have multiple applications in detecting biotin attachment and efficiency of conjugation during biotinylation processes.  These kits are perfect for understanding the efficiency of the reaction and free biotin in your solutions that can interfear with Streptavidin-biotin interactions.

Attogene offers three kits to detect and quantify biotin using three different technologies including Lateral Flow, ELISA and Chemical.  these kits are accurate and sensitive compared with common instrumental analysis.

Can be used to calculate the amount of biotin in liquid samples including biological samples including biotinylated antibody, free biotin in solution, foods, plasma and serum as needed.  Also, can be used to quantify the % biotinylation following standard biotinylation reactions.

EL2021_EL: ELISA Biotinylation Quantification Kit

EL2021_EZ:  TNBSA Biotinylation Quantification Kit

EL2021_LF: Lateral Flow kit Biotinylation Detection Kit


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