Biotin ELISA Kit


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Highly Sensitive, rapid, robust screening kit for Biotin


Vitamin H, also called Biotin, is a water-soluble vitamin that is involved in the metabolism of every cell of the human body and it is the necessary substance for Vitamin C synthesis. When body is lack of Biotin, it causes reproductive function declined; poor bone growth; embryo and growth of children are blocked; it leads dry eye disease, even corneal keratinization thickening to blindness; it also can lead hair follicle papules and hair loss.

This kit is a new product based on ELISA, which is fast (only 30min in one operation), easy, accurate and sensitive compared with common instrumental analysis.

Detection limit if biotin in liquid samples including plasma and serum: 100ng/Liter

Reference range
Based on studies of samples of apparently healthy persons:
Healthy: ≥ 250 ng/l
Suboptimal status: 100–249 ng/l



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