Lateral Flow RNase Activity Assay Kit


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RNase activity in a convenient and sensitive colormetric assay that delivers results in real time.  Great for Quality Testing for RNase contamination of materials and supplies.


Attogene has developed the first of its kind and patent pending technology that uses a novel RNA substrate tagged on the 5′ and 3′ end with a Biotin that is attached to our streptavidin colloidal gold reporter molecules and a test line tag. In the absence of RNases, the gold tagged RNA molecule will flow up the lateral flow strip and bind to the test line using an anti tag antibody (INDICATING that NO RNase is detected). When RNases are present, however, the RNA substrate is cleaved, and the 5′ and 3′ tags are spatially separated in solution cauing the test line to disapear.

  This test can be used to rapidly and efficiently detect ribonucleases in both liquid and on solid surfaces and a perfect tool for monitoring mRNA vaccine manufacturing.