DNaseAlarm – Lateral Flow DNase Activity Assay Kit


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DNase activity in a convenient and sensitive lateral flow colormetric assay that delivers results in real time.  Great for Quality Testing for DNase contamination of materials and supplies.


Attogene’s DNaseAlarm Lateral Flow test is designed for the sensitive and accurate analysis of DNAse activity in liquid samples.  DNase Alarm uses a synthetic DNA substrate that attaches to the streptavidin colloidal reporter molecule (gold) using a 5’ biotin.  The DNA substrate also contains a FAM molecule that enables it to be captured by the anti-FAM antibody (test line). In the absence of DNases, the DNA oligo tethers gold to the test line giving a visual test line.  When DNases are present, the DNA substrate is degraded, and the gold particles can no longer be tethered to the test line thus, signal is lost. Since the cleavage of the DNA Substrate increases over time when DNase activity is present, results can be evaluated kinetically.  This assay has applications for quality control testing and analysis of unit activities of DNase and DNase inhibitors.  DNase’s can cause havoc in laboratories working with DNA and are important to perform routine testing.

  This test can be used to rapidly and efficiently detect DNase’s in both liquid and on solid surfaces and a perfect tool for monitoring  manufacturing.