genesig q32 Real-Time PCR Instrument


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Product features

  • Guaranteed results using 550 genesig kits
  • Fast DNA and RNA analysis in less than 60 minutes
  • Quick and easy set-up and run
  • Automated data analysis result calling
  • Small and robust instrument
  • Exceptional value for money

genesig® kits are sold for research use only and are not licensed for diagnostic procedures.


About the genesig q32 Real-Time PCR Instrument

genesig 32 Overview

The genesig q32 Real-Time PCR Instrument is one of the fastest qPCR instruments on the market today due to its rapid heating and cooling. Assembled from just a few building blocks, this robust qPCR instrument allows analysis of up to 32 samples in both tube or strip format. The powerful genesig q32 software is easily installed from a USB flash drive onto any PC or Mac. The genesig q32 is used with 550 genesig Real-Time PCR Kits for human, vet, and food pathogens, as well as food speciation testing

The genesig Real-Time PCR Kit product range includes tests for a massive range of applications:

• Human Infectious Disease Screening
• Veterinary Diagnostics
• Food and Water testing
• Biothreat Detection

genesig q32 – Cutting edge design and technology
Assembled from just a few building blocks the robust genesig q32 system is easy to transport and install. Up to 32 samples can be run in 0.1 ml tubes or 8-strip format. Fast heating and cooling is achieved by utilizing robust Peltier elements, whilst assay performance is supported further by a heated lid design. Excitation is provided by high intensity LEDs filtered to provide light at 500nm that is capable of exciting all fluorophores commonly used in qPCR. A prism is used to generate spectra from fluorescent emissions. These spectra are imaged using a CMOS camera.

genesig q32 software

The genesig q32 software is delivered and easily installed from a USB flash drive. When installed in a network, the software can control several q32 instruments connected via LAN. The powerful and easy to use software provides the following features:

• Quick start using templates for all genesig kit applications
• Straightforward setup and editing of sample and target information
• Automated analysis modules for absolute and relative quantification, melting curve analysis and endpoint genotyping
• Analysis of full spectral data
• Compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux Systems
• Instrument start from a USB flash drive, using preprogrammed settings
• Data export functions

genesig Real-Time PCR Kit compatible

genesig Real-Time PCR Kits are suitable for use on the genesig q32 instrument. The genesig Kit range includes over 550 kits for human, vet, and food pathogens, as well as food speciation testing. All genesig Kits include a positive control and resuspension buffers. The kits come freeze-dried so that they can be shipped at room temperature for fast delivery to anywhere in the World.

Automated run templates available for:

• genesig Easy Real-Time PCR Kits
• genesig Advanced Real-Time PCR Kits
• genesig Standard Real-Time PCR Kits
• snpsig Real-Time PCR Kits
• quasa Real-Time PCR Kits
• GMO Real-Time PCR Kits

Dimensions: W 24 cm x D 27 cm x H 23 cm
Weight: 7 kg
Operating noise: Electrical: Voltage: 100 – 240 V ( 10%); Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz ( 10%); Power: 170 W
Number of reactions: 32
Reaction vessels: 0.1ml tube and/or 8-tube strips
Reaction volume: 10 – 100 μl (20 μl recommended)
Temperature cycling system: Peltier-based heating & cooling from 40 to 99°C; Heating rate: 4°C/s & Cooling rate: 3°C/s
Temperature uniformity:  /- 0.05°C (SD)
Temperature accuracy:  /- 0.25°C
Run time: Fluorescence excitation: 500 nm nm (blue LED)
Fluorescence detection: 120 optical channels from 510 to 750 nm (CMOS camera)
Factory-calibrated dyes (at shipment): FAM; VIC / HEX
Applications: Relative and absolute quantification analysis; Melting peak analysis; Endpoint genotyping analysis
Sensitivity: 1.1 fold discrimination; 9-log dynamic range; Single copy detection
Connection options: LAN; Direct connection to computer (RJ45); PC-free (USB stick/flash drive controlled)Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus Manual