Microcystin qPCR Detection Kit (real-time PCR kit for MycE gene)


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This kit is sufficient for 150 reactions:

• Real time qPCR kit

• For screening microcystin gene cluster

• Use in combination with Attogene Algae DNA isolation kit

Compatible with automated systems.

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Attogene’s PCR kit for Microcystin is designed for the In vitro analysis of the MycE gene region responsible for assembling part of the Microcystis peptide. The MycE gene region specific primer and probe mix is provided to be detected through the FAM channel on a qPCR machine. A sample of algae is obtained and washed to extract a clean algal gDNA sample. A reaction mixture is assembled from primers, probe, master mix, and gDNA samples as required. The qPCR machine of choice is set up and loaded as needed and the mixture undergoes PCR amplification. The Primer mix provided exploits the Taq polymerase to amplify the gene region of interest; while the DNA probe mixture is cleaved during amplification to release its FAM fluorophore. The resulting FAM release can be detected on a variety of qPCR platforms.

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