Microcystin Test Kit (Rapid – Drinking Water)


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  • • Screening of Microcystins in water samples at 0.1 ppb (drinking water)
  • • Format: 10 tests (5 tests/5 controls)
  • • Run Time: 15 Minutes


Attogene’s Microcystin Drinking Water Lateral Flow Kit can be used to detect microcystins in water to as low as 0.1ppb; highly sensitive, rapid, robust screening kit for microcystins and nodularins.

The most frequently reported cyanobacterial toxins are the hepatotoxic microcystins (MCs). MCs are peptides with a molecular weight ranging from 900 to 1,100 Da. They consist of seven amino acids of which the two terminal amino acids of the linear peptide are condensed to form a cyclic compound.

A tiered notification system which takes different actions based on thresholds for microcytin-LR concentrations in drinking waters has been developed. This is guidance that allows states to take various actions.

For the rapid screening of microcystins in drinking water samples at or above 0.1 ppb. Samples requiring regulatory action should be confirmed by ELISA, HPLC, or other conventional methods.

To protect consumers from adverse health effects caused by these toxins, the World Health Organization (WHO) has proposed a provisional upper limit for Microcystin-LR of 1.0 ppb (μg/L) in drinking water.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has also established guidelines for Microcystins in drinking water:

-For children below school age, 0.3 μg/L (ppb)

-For all other age groups, 1.6 μg/L (ppb)

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