RNase-Free Lateral Flow Assay Running Buffer Screening Pack


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  • • 5 bottles of Running Buffer (10mL)
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Attogene has developed a set of RNase-Free Lateral Assay Buffers specifically designed for developers of Nucleic Acid-based lateral flow tests


  • RNase Free Running Buffer Screening Buffer Pack – Five 10 mL bottles of diverse running buffers

Set of 5 RNase-Free Lateral flow running buffers at specifically developed for optimizing nucleic acid based lateral flow assays.  Each buffer is certified RNase-Free and tested functionally in RNA and DNA based lateral flow tests.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be used for development of a lateral flow assay for detection of a nucleic acids.
  • Cost-effective way to screen multiple buffers for lateral flow assay development knowing they have been functionally tested to be RNase-Free.

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